Upgradeable, machine-coded*, multi-chain, DeFi/GameFi ecosystem.

What is DizzyHavoc?

    Simplified Cross-Chain contracts.

    DizzyHavoc is a new deployment method for smart contracts, specifically designed to reduce costs and enhance flexibility.

    * What makes DizzyHavoc unique is the utilization of the EVM bytecode language instead of Solidity. This implies a more low-level and hardware-specific form of programming, closely tied to the architecture of CPUs.

A new Cross-Chain Web3 Library.

  • With multi-Chain support.
  • Multi-Node Support.
  • Smarter Network Resource Usage: Optimization of network resource utilization, minimizing congestion, and maximizing overall performance for efficient blockchain interactions.

What would be its impact?

  • Reduction in deployment costs by reusing implementation code instead of redeploying it.
  • Flexibility in configuring the resolver to point to different implementations, promoting code reusability.
  • Ability to evolve and optimize smart contracts over time, with all deployments benefiting from updates to the underlying implementation.

What to expect next?

  • The primary focus at the moment is on constructing the cross chain bridge.
  • Then, expanding to as many mainnet chains as possible.
  • Further details, such as tokenomics and user guide, can be found on gitbook.

    The litepaper is available here.